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Based upon a true fictional story. Kinda.


Holy sheetle. News!

Hello to the two people that read this on a regular basis. If youve noticed, today's update is in a new style. AKA hand-drawn. And, yes, the quality is crap-tastic, but the art is significantly better. If you have a problem. Talk to the ass. Dunno what that means, but it sounds right
Sam MG

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Allergy season

... I hate summer. I fucking hate summer. Summer can commit suicide. Goddamnit. Cant Halloween be here all-freaking-ready?!?!? In short: SUMMER I AM CONTRACTING A HITMAN! WATCH YOUR ASS!!!

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I know it's a bit early, but. Seeing as I can't be there in person to say this, eh, hell. My webcomic is the only other place I can think to: HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!

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Posty goodness

Yo. So, this is something that actually happened. I was at Michael's when I saw a saudering gun on sale, I picked it up and concidered buying it. Then I had a horrible vision of fire and Keanu Reeves, and put it back...

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Oh, shezit!

Oh. Hey, didn't see you there. How are you? Good. Now shut up. I has things to tell you. So, my parents are ministers in the presbyterian church. So, naturally, I am involved in a few church-y things. One of those things is the youth triennium, goin' on in abouts July. So... I am going to this. If you see me, say hi and go "oh, my shit! Your comics suck the nuts out of a monkey's ass!!!" or something like that. However, also, this means no update that week. Sorry. I will do two comics before I go, just to tide you over. Ok? More on that story later. But for now, please enjoy the product of my comic book-rotted brain

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What can I say but "meh"?

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Ooh. Shiney

Sorry for those two of you who actually read this comic for not posting a new one sooner. So much has been going on these past few weeks, and, well... my mind was elsewhere. But it seems as if this comic is going to update once a week. Roughly how often something funny comes across my mind. But yeah. Ok, before I start getting angry letters about today's comic, let me say... it was funny. Fuck off.
Sam MG

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2nd post-y goodness

Hi to all of the two people that read this comic. Now, there is a new dude in today's comic. One which may appear more than once. He is based on multiple friends I have or had, with one in perticular. So, D.K. if you read this, please do not get offended. It is mainly based on you, but there are some other cats thrown into the bag. Well, peace.

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